Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beach to Bay

Clearly the picture is missing a large portion of the teams we had…but it still counts. Way to go Ladies! You all did so well!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Moms of the Month!

Our Moms of the Month for May are:
Kathy Ritchie, Jenn Mann, Lisa Maher, Ali Schmidt, Sylvia Salyer, Gabriela Dalton, Ann Chesnut, Stephanie Shanahan, Patricia Vannatter, Sarah Johnson.
Ali Schmidt, Jenn Mann, Ann Chesnut, Gabriela Dalton and Sylvia Salyer are pictured above
*Note: not all of them could be present on picture day
These fine ladies were chosen as our Moms of the Month for May because they are the wives of the brave men who defend this country. (Ali is also a reservist herself). Since Memorial Day is in May, I felt it fitting to honor these ladies who are the backbone of their families. Their husbands are often gone and they manage to do it without even blinking an eye. I feel bad complaining if my husband is out of town for the weekend because I know at some point these ladies will be doing it all on their own and not even think about how much they take on. These Moms are amazing and I am so grateful to have each of them to chat, bond and workout with on a daily basis. You are all awesome MOMS!

Friday, April 15, 2011

April Mom of the Month


Our April Mom of the Month is Claudia Gay. She joined Stroller Strides in October 2010 and has been attending since. Claudia has one daughter, Juliana who is one of the sweetest girls we have in class. Juliana never makes a sound in class, I think she enjoys coming as much as her Mom does.

Claudia has made impressive progress since she first joined classes. She went from someone who stated over and over again that she “couldn’t run” to completing a 5K in January while pushing her stroller into the intense Corpus wind.  The day before the 5K many other Moms were all talking about the upcoming relay marathon that Corpus has every year. I can still remember Claudia telling me that she can’t run a mile, much less 1/6 of a marathon. After completing that 5K the next day I told her I was putting her on the team for the relay marathon because I knew she could handle the run.

Since February Claudia has been attending our weekly training runs and has improved her time each run even with the added distance weekly. In fact she is now running other days of the week BEFORE she comes to class. Claudia has really been doing well, stepped up her exercise regime and is a great person to be around.

Congrats Claudia on being Mom of the Month. I can’t wait to see you conquer your leg of Beach to Bay in May. I am so glad you joined Stroller Strides.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mom’s Night Out at Tipsy Canvas

Tuesday night we had a BLAST at Tipsy Canvas. You go to paint a picture and you can drink while you’re there. I would say most Moms would be in for a fun night out like this. It was so much fun, hilarity ensued,  and we’ll be doing this again for sure.

004005007008009010011012013014Sarah’s GIANT coconuts

016Monica the art major put us all to shame

017final products…nice work ladies


Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Day 2011

Once a year we invite the Dads to class so they can see what Stroller Strides is really about. Most of them leave realizing we don’t just come to socialize, that hard work is actually involved. It makes me smile a little devilish smile when the Dads are bent over holding their knees gasping for air, while the Moms sip their water because they work that we’re doing is normal for them. Fit Moms ROCK!



011013Off they go

015Sarah (in the green) is one HOT MAMA

0160175 count body builders019Shuttle runs020022more 5 count body builders

023027029Basketball drills!  check out Ali at 25 weeks pregnant.030






048Walking Lunges w/ a morning after

050Partner throw downs

Thanks to all the families who came out and participated in this year’s Family Day….40 people is AMAZING!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Mom of the Month

Ali Schmidt is our Mom of the Month. Ali is mom to Greyson, one of the happiest babies I know. Ali is also expecting her second baby boy in June.


Ali has been attending Stroller Strides for just about a year. She joined when Greyson was just 6 weeks old and has been coming since. I still remember the first day she came to class. She has been working out throughout her pregnancy and she looks amazing. Ali and her husband are both members of the Coast Guard, Ali is a reservist, Brian is active.

Last month while attending class at the Mall, a man began having what was most likely a seizure. After falling down and hitting his head, Ali, being a certified EMT, sprang into action, helping the man and staying with him until EMS arrived. She was awesome!

Congrats Ali on being Mom of the month!

Science Museum

We have been having a blast enjoying all the gorgeous springtime weather Corpus has to offer this time of year. The weather is prefect and the breeze is just enough to cool you off if the weather gets too hot. This is my favorite time of year for Stroller Strides, that time of year where you can sit around after class and let the kids play for hours because it’s just so wonderful to be outside. Before we know it the weather will be too hot to handle and we’ll be dripping sweat from our knee caps. I hope you all enjoy this time of year as much as I do.

I took some pictures of the baby boys in our group, mostly because they were all calm and sitting nicely in their strollers. The older kids were running a muck and learning how to roll down hills.

020 - Copy021Strollers galore!

17 Mamas showed up for some work this morning!022024Parker, who sleeps like this is class every time he comes.





029Greyson, who smiles like this anytime you talk to him